Spire Project

An ambitious and exciting project was launched in mid 2019 to further enhance the interior of the church.

Working with Spire Consultancy (part of the Norwich Diocese) the plan is to build a new two storey glass heritage centre balanced by a two stored hospitality unit joined by a glass balcony. The present wooden interior entrance doors will be replaced by glass doors so the amazing vista as one enters St Mary’s will be even more impressive. As the central floor at the church is rotten it will be replaced and new underfloor heating installed. All pews will be replaced by modern stackable beautifully designed chairs and impressive new heating and audio system with a larger stage area installed, making the church more able to the ever increasing number of music and other social events that are held as well as keeping the congregation warm and comfortable. Extra loos too in the vestry area and new outside access walkways and parking are planned.

Consultation with the community has taken place during 2019 and meetings with the British Museum have taken place resulting in the Museum planning of working with the church due to the significance of the Snettisham Hoard.

The church will be a centre of learning and heritage as well as retaining its significant role as a wonderful sacred building to promote the Christian faith.